The desire to be in constant contact with nature is what gave the brand it’s meaning. MOHIT in Hindi means happiness or something that attracts, and also means ocean in Arabic. Happiness is constant when we are in touch with our essence, in realizing that we are free and that we are alive. Clothing give us the opportunity to express our spirit and soul. In search of this, MOHIT always looks for comfort in its shapes and cuts, which valorize the femininity of the woman, and brings authenticity and exclusivity in its prints. They are all hand-drawn by the designer Lorena Braun Prado, who has always in mind the importance of bringing authentic and inspiring elements into the brand.

Lorena Braun Prado
Lorena Braun Prado - Founder

Born in Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, Lorena has always been focused on art and movement, whether in music, sports or drawings. Slowly she directed her work to pottery, oil painting and photography. In order to formalize her art education, she graduated in Fashion Design, at FAAP (Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado), where she developed as her conclusion work a collection of patterns in decorative fabrics and products.

During an exchange program in Barcelona, ​​she divided her time between art courses and the EsDi school of design and, in the midst of various excursions, she visited places that added languages, aesthetics and cultural elements to her portfolio, which continue to contribute to her work today.

A stint in New York also influenced her artistic vision. There, at different times, she took courses in arts and fashion at LIM College, participated in the exhibition of her Sketchbook Limited Edition in Brooklyn and lastly collaborated on work with a Vogue Brazil Stylist in July 2013. Back in São Paulo, she had internships as an assistant for SP Fashion Week, the Second Floor / Ellus and at New Creators – a website that highlights new artists working in various mediums.

In Santos and São Paulo, she has created several works in art, design and decoration pieces and ambiences, such as in ByKamy – a carpets company and also in Blue Gardenia. In 2014 she decided to open her own business and with the desire of freedom of creation MOHIT was born, a beachwear brand that she is dedicated to creating and experimenting. She draws all the brand’s prints by hand, develops the collections and closely follows the entire production process. Besides presenting different possibilities of her art, she wants to expand in the market, whether in the variety of products or even in new projects and works.